76th United Nations Day Date, History, Theme, Quotes & How to Celebrate the Day Perfectly

United Nations Day is going to be celebrated today worldwide. This day has huge significant in the history of UN. In this article we are going to show you United Nations Day Date, History, Quotes & how to celebrate the day perfectly with great honour and respect. So let’s start.

United Nations Day

This is very memorable day in the history of United Nations. The day is celebrated in different countries of the world with great enthusiasm.

The role of the United Nations is paramount in establishing post-war peace in different countries. The role of the United Nations in medical health and education is also highly commendable.

It is an international festival. People all over the world celebrate this day with great enthusiasm.

United Nations Day Date & Time

In 2020, the occasion is going to be celebrated on October 24. This is the 75th United Nations Day.

The day is celebrated through meetings, seminars, cultural events. Various voluntary organizations celebrate this day.

Meetings or discussions are held on various issues. Meetings and seminars are held on how its organization can work more efficiently.

United Nations Day 2020 Theme

This year, this day is being celebrated with a new theme in mind. You know the whole world is plagued by coronavirus attacks.

All the people of the world are looking to get rid of this virus. That is why the theme of this year’s UN Day is health related.


We hope our article helps you finding out important information about United Nations day. Let’s enjoy the 75th United Nations Day with great honour & respect.

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