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Everyone in this world loves and falls in love. Falling in love is such a beautiful feeling, it feels like there is nothing else in the world. People want love for happiness but there are very few people in the world who truly love car. There is no such thing as happiness in this world if there is success in it but if there is failure in love then the whole world becomes full of separation and loneliness.

Just like everyone seeks love, most people do not have true love in their foreheads, but most people find false love in their lives which makes people’s lives full of sorrow instead of happiness. Everyone loves people for the sake of love for me but most people cannot return the love of a true car in return for this love.

In this small world, love is like a golden deer that not everyone can find in one life. The golden deer called love is caught by very few people and instead people have to accept the pain and wailing of false love.

Love is very precious in human life. In this selfish world where there is no one around, stories of false love can be heard. We rarely hear true love stories. Just as love can fill our lives with happiness, so can this love ignite the beautiful life of man. Some people love to be happy but eventually their lives are ruined due to lack of love. Love seems to be the name of a mirage in human life which makes people more thirsty when they run after it, but the thirst for lack of love does not seem to be quenched at all.

Whether people do it to get love. People do not hesitate to squander all the beautiful moments of one’s life. Yet at the end of the day, in search of true love, people stand alone with a bunch of poisonous flowers of false love. You know love is going to be non-existent in human life day by day. There is no telling how many people have ruined their beautiful lives by the hand of love.

In spite of the deception of love, every human being in this world seeks the true love. Most loves end in failure because the love that people think is the true happiness and the love that people get involved in, the love that appears in the life of a person that spoils a person.

Love is not just a word but it is one of the most beautiful and widely used words in human life. What people want to get unconditional love in his life. Whoever has true love in his life should not have any more trouble in his life. Because we humans live and want to live our lives with love. But when false love knocks on the door, people only suffer and life becomes exhausted at one time as they carry the burden of false love all their lives. Love only brings pain and separation in human life because the religion of love is separation and suffering.

Although people have a great interest in love, at the end of the day, our lives are ruined due to false love. After people get false love, I want to let everyone know how miserable love has become in their life. People of the mind want to tell everyone about their failed love and even successful love through various social media.

Many people want to share false love sms or status with people close to them after failing again. For your convenience, we have decorated our website with Bangla SMS of false love. You can visit our website whenever you want and choose your favorite false love sms and share it with your close friends.

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