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There is no one on earth who does not get kosto or sad. Some express their kosto and some do not. If you cannot express your love for your loved ones in word of mouth, you can send them an SMS. We will give you some very koster sms which you can use to inform your nearest people via mobile sms. So let’s start the main discussion.

Koster SMS

Ah, koto Kosto!! Khub Koster Bangla SMS. What a feelings man! Really heart touching. Who needs Khub Koster Bangla SMS. They can also follow this post. Cause here added As much as the possible latest collection of Khub Koster Bangla SMS. Without any confuse this the best collection of the year & forever.

There are different types of kosto. One gets hurt in love. One gets hurt without love. Again, there is a kind of people who find it kosto to tell the people they love. The sadness lies in not being able to express one’s feelings.

Kosto is something that cannot be touched. Only sad feelings can be felt inside the mind.

Can’t you tell your loved ones about your kosto? Can’t figure out how to talk about your kosto? Then we can help you with this. We have come to you with some kind of sad SMS that you can use to express your feelings. Collect messages of kosto from our writing. Then send it via mobile message.

Koster SMS Bangla

For Bengali speakers, it is easiest to express your kosto in Bengali. Because there is no substitute for mother tongue to express one’s pain.

As easy as it is to speak in one’s own language, it is not as easy to say in another’s language. Because of this, many people choose Bangla language to express their kosto.

Our collection of Koster SMS includes SMS in Bengali and English. You can send SMS to your loved one in Bangla or English or both languages from here.

In this paragraph we will publish SMS in Bengali language. And in the next paragraph I will publish sms or messages of kosto in English. So let’s see some koster SMS in Bangla language.

Koster SMS English

Many people prefer Bangla language more than English. However, not everyone phone supports Bangla font on mobile. That is why their alternative way is to write SMS in English.

Doesn’t Bangla front support on your mobile? Then you can send an SMS to your loved one in English. We have a huge SMS collection.

From there you can write your favorite sms on the English front. You can send a message to your loved one’s mobile. So let’s see what kind of koster SMS we have.

Do you know how to write SMS in English? If you do not know, you can learn from here.

First go to the message option on mobile. Then right click on the message. Then enter the message of your choice. Now send it to your desired number.


Ajke tmi rag korcho, dukkho pabo tate.

kalke jkhn more jabo, rag dekhaba kake?

Bidhir bidhan ai rokomi, akdin to jabo more.

Bojbe sedin tmi,valobastam shudhu tomake!


Ak fota sisirer karoneu bonna hote pare jdi basata piprar hoy,

Temni ak chimti valobasa diyeu sukh paua jay jdi sei valobasata khati hoy..


Janina valobasar alada alada niyom ache kina,

tobe ami kon niyome tmke valo besechi tau janina,

Sudhu aitoko jani ami tmke onek valobashi…

Bangla Valobashar Koster SMS

If you love, then get pain. Many people say so. The person who does not love will never feel the feelings of others. The pain of not being loved is the most painful.

Have you ever loved someone? Have the people in love gone away from you? Then you will understand how much the pain is.

We have tried to understand the anguish of people who have suffered in love. That is why we have collected sms of love affliction. You can check it out here if you want.

Bertho Premer SMS Bangla

All people are not successful in their love relationship. We call them unsuccessful in relationship. There is a very popular Bangla term to define this state. And that is “Bertho” or “ব্যর্থ”

We have collected 100+ Bertho Premer SMS in Bangla. If you are unhappy in your relationship then you can download it and post it in Facebook or other social media.


Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Here we are going to answer some frequently asked questions related to Bangla koster SMS. We hope you will like our initiative.

Question: Bangla Koster SMS Download Korbo

Answer: In order to download best Bangla koster SMS 2020, you have to click the link below. We have a huge collection of SMS in both Bangla and English language.

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