Jibon Khub Koster Bangla SMS 2023 জীবন খুব কষ্টের বাংলা এসএমএস

Jibon Khub Koster Bangla SMS

It is as if a person’s life is over when he has to cross a huge sea of ​​misery, but it is as if he cannot end his life by crossing this ocean of misery. Human life is not a flower bed where people can live happily and peacefully all their lives. Life means that the celebration of suffering is the end of a suffering, as if a new suffering of human life comes.

People do many things to be happy in life but very few people can meet the golden deer called happiness in life. No matter how full a person’s life may be, there are many sorrows somewhere that do not allow human life to be fulfilled. Maybe that’s why no human being is completely happy, that’s why the word happiness is so important in human life. People work as hard as they can to get rid of sorrow, but most of the time people get sad instead of happy.

Human life is a strange combination of hardships because it is really difficult to find people in this world without sorrow. No one can ever be happy or successful in life by overcoming sorrow. The only key to being happy is to teach yourself to be happy and to live with sorrow. Life is a strange picture where there are more colors of sorrow than happiness.

This life is so beautiful because it has made people’s lives miserable. If there was only happiness in life, then it would not be a life and happiness could not be evaluated. If we want to be happy in life, we have to be happy with sorrow. Just as there is happiness after sorrow, so there is sorrow after happiness. Happiness and sorrow go hand in hand in human life and no one can go on without two friends.

Nowadays, it has become a popular trend that people post various types of grief posts on various social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to express their feelings when they are in pain. Most people currently do this. Through these statuses, we can be aware of the various problems and sorrows of the people around us and stand by their side. Human life is really hard and this is the ultimate truth of my life.

Achieving happiness without sorrow is as difficult and impossible as getting the moon in the sky. People can’t get over the grief if they want to. At the end of the day, they have to accept the grief and prepare for the new day in a new way.

When a person is in trouble, he sends various SMS to his loved ones and wants to let them know how much he is in trouble. People get a lot of peace when they share their suffering, but if they can share it with their loved ones, many times the suffering can be completely removed.

Life is very hard, it is a true thing, so whenever someone is in trouble, he wants to share his troubles with the people close to him, as if the troubles are shared with the loved ones. Nowadays, people want to know the state of their mind by sending some SMS to the people close to them. So they arrange and send a beautiful message to their loved ones so that their loved ones can easily understand their state of mind.

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