Islamic New Year Wishes 1441 Muharram Greetings

This article is about Islamic New Year Wishes. September 10, 2019 is the 1441th anniversary of our Beloved Prophet’s (pbuh) migration from Mecca to Medina. According to the hijri calendar, the first day of the Muharram, the first month of Islamic Calendar, will start on August 31, 2019 this year.

Islamic New Year Wishes 1441

The Islamic New Year, also known as Arabic New Year or Hijri New Year, is the day that marks the beginning of a new Hijri year, and is the day on which the year count is incremented. The first day of the year is observe on the first day of Muharram, the first month in the Islamic calendar. Source: Wikipedia

Islamic New Year Wishes

The Islamic Calendar follows Hijri era whose epoch establish as the Islamic New Year of 622 AD/CE. Being oppressed and tortured by his own country people, Prophet Muhammad (Sm), who is the founder of Islam, along with the persons who deliberately took him as their leader and believed him as the Prophet, and in Allah, migrated from Mecca to Medina where he set up the first Muslim community (ummah). His migration to Mecca to Media is commemorated as the Hijri for its role in the founding of the first Muslim community (ummah).

How Islamic New Year Celebrated

The event of Hijri is very significant as it open a new chapter in Muslim history. It is also call a turning point for Muslims. After seventeen years of the event, being complained and having the suggestion from Hazrat Ali (RA) Omar (RA), during his caliphate, chose as epoch for the new Muslim calendar the hijrah, the immigration of Muhammad (Sm) and his men to Mecca to Medina on the first day of Muharram. Since then, the first day of Muharram has been accepted as the beginning of the hegira calendar by the Islamic world.

Arabic New Year Greetings 1441st

The Islamic New Year will begin this year with the first day of Muharram 1441 hijri. As Muslims of all over the world observe the day, it will mark by prayers and wishes. Marking Islamic New Year 2019, the Muslim people distribute cards to their nearest and dearest one/s wishing Muharram Greetings.

Islamic New Year Wishes 2019 Muharram Greetings 1441

Here we have come up with a page full of best latest Islamic New Year Wishes 2019 that will help you spread your affection, love, feelings towards your friends, relatives, and family members. You can use our wishes, can modify according to your demand if you want, and share these New Islamic Hijri Year 1441 Wishes with others. 

Muharram 1441st Wishes & Greetings

Many problems from a story

Nobody can get away from us

Even though everything has gone wrong

Allow to ask for pleasure

Just apologize for all

Over all wrongs and prayers

Islamic New Year 2019

Prepare yourself with the provision of piety as well as possible preparation and provision.

Wish you happy new year 2019 1441 H

Hijri New Year 1441st Wishes

Hijir New Year 1441 or Islamic New Year 2019 is the commencement of the New Islamic Calendar Year 2019. Here are some famous and popular Islamic New Year Wishes 2019 for you. Never miss these. Make sure to greet your closest persons with Islamic New Year Wishes. These wishes can help you a lot to wish others and update social media posts.

Arabic(Hijri) New Year 1441H Wishes

Happy Islamic New Year Hopefully this year we can further strengthen our Islam. Getting closer to God

Islamic New Year Wishes 1441

In praying more reward, if it is carried out in congregation, I say with joy, Happy Hijri New Year 1441 H.

Happy new Islamic Year, may Allah SWT makes it a good year and blessed year for you. Aamiin.

Hijri New Year 1441st Wishes

New year means new resolution and new spirit. Happy New Islamic Year 1441 H. 

Happy New Islamic Year 1 Muharram 1441 H. May Allah SWT brings many opportunities to the way you explore every joy of your life and make all of your resolutions come true.

Arabic New Year Wishes 1441H

A New Islamic Year brings a lot of expectations that resulted in optimism. 

Although I have 365 days ahead to make my dreams come true, I will not wait them to happen accidentally. 

Gratitude to Allah for all the blessings that He has bestowed, health and sustenance, and blessed the Prophet Muhammad, his family, friends and followers. In this new year, we are grateful for all the blessings and gifts that God has given in the previous year so that the blessing will increase and not be revoked. Happy Islamic New Year 1441 Hijri

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