Funny Comments on Friends Pic on Instagram in Hindi for Girls in 2023

Funny comments on friend’s picture on Instagram is very popular trend now a days. You have lot of friends on Facebook and Instagram. In our daily life upload a lot of pictures with friends. We give so many comments on friends picture when they upload their picture.

Friends are our first priority in our life and now it a days, we spend our majority times on social media instead of real life meeting. Friends upload their daily life events on social media like Instagram and Facebook and they also tag as because we are related to their daily life events. Friends are our first priority, because we spend our valuable time on friends.

So when they upload picture it is true that we comment first on their picture. Because, we are the nearest to each other. Most of the time we keep funny comments on friends picture and this is actually too much pleasure and enjoyable among friends.

Giving funny comments is very popular trend among friends all over the world. In social media when we give funny comment on friends picture, the bonding of friendship become more stronger and more enjoyable. Funny comments is also given picture of female friends and this is actually so funny.

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Sometimes giving funny comments on best friend picture on girls is very funny. We have not only best female friends but also boys best friend. Girls always upload wall picture than boys. When we want to give some funny comments on girls pictures we search for some unique and good funny comments on internet.

Funny comments make the time of friends more preferable and enjoyable. You can get a lot of funny comments for your girl friends picture in our website when you want. We keep huge funny comments for girls picture on Instagram in our website only for you.

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Commenting on friends picture is very popular trend on social media sites. Funny comments make our virtual time more beautiful with friend circle. Giving funny comments on girl picture is so funny when their read the comment they feel so funny and happy that time.

Most of the time friend give more funny comments than any other person because friends are our most nearest persons. It is true that sometimes you cannot find a proper funny comment for your best girlfriend. But you want to make an unique and study extra ordinary funny comment on friend picture.

When we give funny comment on her picture, obviously she will feel happy and special. Sometimes we need to comment on friends picture to realise themselves that how much they special to us. So we also need to comment on girls picture on Instagram to make our friendship more beautiful and more stronger.

It is said that without friend life is impossible. Actually we spent most of our beautiful and memorable time with friends. So it is true that making a strong bonding with friendship it is need to to make shine always. Best girl friend also deserve some funny comment and funny moments by us which help as to take scared of our beautiful friendship.

1. उसके दिल में नही तो क्या हुआ उसकी ब्लॉकलिस्ट में तो हैं हम।

2. दिल और दिमाग जिद पर अड़े हैं, दोनों एक ही लड़की के पीछे पड़े हैं।
3. दिल भी कोई खेलने की चीज हैं, खेलना हैं तो Blue Whale Game खेल।

4. सबको शादी जरूर करनी चाहिए, जिन्दगी में खुशियाँ ही सब कुछ नही होती।

5. ‘हुनर’ सड़कों पर तमाशा करता है और ‘किस्मत’ महलों में राज करती है!!

6. लैला की शादी में एक लफड़ा हो गया, मजनू इतना नाचा कि लँगड़ा हो गया।

7. यारो मेरे मरने के बाद आँसू मत बहाना, ज़्यादा याद आए तो उपर ही चले आना।

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