Durga Puja SMS Messages 2023 in Bengali, Hindi, English for Friends, Teacher, BF, GF, Relatives

In this article we talk about thousands of Durga Puja SMS. You know that, Durga Puja is knocking at the door. A few more days are away from the biggest celebration of this year. The Hindu community has already started taking preparations for the huge celebration of Durga Puja, the biggest religious and artistic festival for Hindus. Read this article from top to bottom to get thousands of Durga Puja SMS.

Durga Puja SMS 2023

This religious festival marks the worshiping of the victory of Goddess Durga. As all the people close to you hope to get wished by you in this holy festival to make their celebration more joyful than previous one, use both the traditional and creative ways to wish or greet them in your most expressive ways.

There are several traditional and creative ways of wishing your closed one in the auspicious period of Durga Puja, and Sending Durga Puja SMS is the one of the famous and popular traditions those have been used by the Hindus since a very earlier period.

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Sending SMS is also the easiest way to have communication with others and Sending Durga Puja SMS is less costly than other ways.

SMS (short message service) is a text messaging service component of most telephone, Internet, and mobile device systems. It uses standardized communication protocols to enable mobile devices to exchange short text messages.

It is traditional but very emotional way. Rather it can make this Durga Puja very special to you and your beloved persons as Sending Durga Puja message is very different from other ways of expressing your feelings towards others.

Durga Puja Messages 2023

Here we have published a unique collection of Durga Puja SMS relating Durga Puja celebration, its divines, its necessaries, its effects on human life and thinking.

Firstly you have to make a list of your beloved persons to whom you want to wish on this precious carnival. Select the right Durga Purja message because you cannot send same messages to everyone because there have surely people of various levels in your lists.

Send the right Durga Puja SMS to the right person. It will make the festival very especial to your close one.

1. Pray to Mother Durga to make the world virus free soon. I wish you a lot of Durga Puja.

2. On this day of worship, I pray that your life will be filled with light. Let the path of the future be easy.

3. May this day come back again and again in your life. Please share the joy with your family. Happy Durga.

4. This time Durga Puja is an exception. Since you have to observe it from your home so take heartfelt love. If bad times pass, you must come to visit our house. Best wishes for Durga Puja.

Best Durga Puja Wishes for Sending as SMS

Do you have any girlfriend or boyfriend? Then most probably you are wanting to wish in different way. Do you have any alternative without wishing your dearest people? If not then most probably you want to send special wishes in their mobile phone. We have 10 best SMS collection that can be sent to their inbox.
You would like those SMS wishes for Durga Puja Festival. Here are top 10 wishes for you. Choose from the list and select the best one that is appropriate for you.

1. May Maa Bless you and you all family members, Keep smily in your future and having a good relationship with others. Wishing you a “Happy Durga Puja Day”.

2. Goddess Durga guide us and protect us from Corona Virus Problem. Wharever you do and whenever you go keep save yourself. “Happy Durga Day 2023”

3. Thanks to Durga Ma for giving us a great day, Wishing to All relatives and Facebook Friends on this Holy Day, “Happy Durga Puja Day to All”

4. Oh Dear taking my holy wishing on this happy day. I expect fillup your all dreams like today. “Happy Durga Puja Day”.

5. We expect that protect us from Corona Virus, Enjoy this Puja from home. “, Happy Durga Puja Day Everyone”.

6. A great Expectation to Our Durga Maa that is to remove Covid 19 from our world and safe all our members, “Durga Puja Day to All”

7. Enjoy the day with full of enjoy, Every single people want to be a problem free world. “Durga Puja Day 2023”

8. One year round Durga Maa is coming tomorrow, keep prepare to enjoy the day with your closest heart. Oh Happy Durga Day 2023.

9. How far you does not matter. How long your distance that also not important, Only one thing is to be Happy on your place.

10. Share your happy moment with your girlfriend. It may not to come this occasion in every day. So enjoy it with your second heart. “Happy Durga Maa Day”

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