Durga Puja Quotes 2023 Happy Durgotsava Greetings

In this article we talk about Durga Puja Quotes 2023. Being the biggest festival in the Hindu communities across all over the world, Durga Puja is believed to be the festival of peace, enjoyment, ecstasy, of prosperous.

Durga Puja Quotes 2023

This auspicious day is approaching nearer day by day. The people especially Hindus are awaiting to celebrate this holy religious festival this year in a benefit manner. They have started preparation for the massive celebration. The celebration takes six days to be concluded; they are Mahalaya, Shashthi, Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami, Maha Nabami and Vijayadashami.

As Durga Puja is believed as the festival over love, divinity, of goodness, let your beloved know how much care, affection you do for them from the core of your heart. In the holy carnival you can express your feelings towards your beloved using Durga Puja Wishes.

As quotes are the written form of what you are telling about, it is one of the effective ways of greeting your beloved one/s. For your convenience, we have here collected some wonderful and amazing Durga Puja Wishes. These are really nice and cute.

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Choose the right one of them and send to the right person. All these Durga Puja Greetings are filled with the words full of emotion, happiness, joy, bliss, comfort, complacency, enjoyment, felicity, and pleasure those will fill your beloved’s heart with ecstasy.

Besides, you can make your relatives, friends, colleagues, mates, neighbors together through wishing unique wishes in this auspicious time of the year. Even your enemy will be pleased with if you choose the right one to wish him.

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Happy Durga Puja Quotes 2023

Most of all gather all your close persons and celebrate Durga Puja with full enthusiasm. Share all your joy, pleasure which the festival has brought, to your beloved with these Durga Puja Quotes.

These Durga Puja Puotes can also be shared at facebook, whatsapp, tweeter, instragram and other social media where you have a lot of friends, relatives, followers, well-wishers who will be duly pleased and wish you in their earliest convenience.

Here is the collection of Durga Puja Quotes and you want to make your beloved persons happy. So, do not take time to wish them by sending these Durga Puja Quotes.

1. May God forgive all your sins and accept your dream and put out your all sufferings on that day “Happy Durga Puja to You”

2. Durga Puja is a day to cheer up with all your friends and family members. Keep smily and do enjoy with all members and wish to others, “Happy Durga Pooja Day”

3. On this holy day wishing everyone Happy “Durga Puja”, Stay safe and Pray to God for all mankind.

4. Keep wearing Mask while going to out from your home during Puja day. Stay Home and stay safe “Wish you to Happy Durga Puja Day”

5. May the blessing of the Almighty be with your family member forever. “Happy Puja Day Dear”

Durga Puja WhatsApp Greetings

Want to send a greeting to a loved one in Durga Puja? WhatsApp can easily send funny greetings to Durga Puja. We have hundreds of greetings sms. You can send your relatives and friends through our website.
We have Durga Puja wishes in English and Bangla. You can send those wishes from all over the world. Majority of Indian people are Hindu. And most of them uses WhatsApp Messenger for connecting with their relatives.

1. On this special day, I wish God might accept you every success. Wish your bright future and colourful life. Happy Durga Puja.

2. Wishing you a sound health and mind. Let all the sorrow be removed from your life. Durga Puja Shuveccha.

3. This greetings is offering you a enjoyable future to you and your family members. I hope your failure will be transformed into success. Happy Durga Puja.

4. On this great festival, I wish your beautiful natural life. And hope that no bad things will happen to you. O God, make your life easy.

5. Happy Durga Puja! Enjoy this great occasion with light and colour. Wishing your shining 💟 future.

Unique Durga Puja Quotes for 2023

1. With the arrival of mother Durga, let all sorrows and troubles be removed. Let us bring the message of peace to every house, best wishes for Durga Puja to all.

2. A fair of white cashew flowers all around, hyacinth flowers blooming in the trees, the arrival of autumn, all these seem to announce the arrival of Durga mother. With the arrival of mother, nature also seems to have merged in the festival, I wish everyone a happy autumn.

3. In the month of Ashwin, mother has come, welcome everyone. Happy autumn.

4. I will welcome mother Durga with the roar of drums, the smell of hyacinth flowers, red lotus all around and complete devotion. With the arrival of mother, all the garbage of the world should be removed, Happy Durga Puja.

5. Happy Autumn Durgotsab, May everyone’s life be filled with new with the arrival of mother.

6. Let’s spend the days of worship in Anjali, food and drink, travel, joy, festival. On the day of puja, it is different to visit the pandal in the pandal to see the idol of mother Durga. Happy Shardiya to all.

7. May everyone’s life be filled with success with the blessings of Mother Durga, may Mahisasurmardini kill all the demons of the world and make the world habitable again. Happy Durgotsab to all.

8. The play of the clouds in the blue sky, the icy wind, the fragrance of hyacinths announce the arrival of the mother. May our world be filled with the blessings of Mother Durga. May peace return among all, Happy Durga Puja.

9. The drummer is wearing a stick on the cover, the work of painting the potter is finished, now it is everyone’s turn to see the idol. May the demon be killed on the mother’s trident, may the peace of the world return. May everyone’s life be filled with the blessings of Goddess Durga, Happy Durga Puja to all.

10. New amazement of the sixth, eating and drinking of the seventh, Anjali of the eighth and the farewell of the mother in the tenth With the arrival of the mother, may all the evil forces of the world be removed, may the good power win again and again. Happy Durga Puja to all.

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