Comments for Crush Pic on Instagram Top 50 Compliments in 2023

Comments for Crush Pic on Instagram

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1. What a picture! I am crushed on you.
2. You make me crazy and now people say I am insane.
3. You are the angel of heaven and the Queen of my heart.
4. You are king of my world.
5. When I see you, My heart want to see you the rest of my life.
6. You are the reason of my happiness.
7. When I see you, my heartbeat increase and I fall in love with you.
8. I truly fond of you style.
9. Your smile is so refreshing and cool.
10.Excellent dress and you are looking my dream man.
11. I can’t express how much beautiful eyes you have.
12. You eyes like a deep sea, I want to see always.
13.You are the only harmony of my heart.
14. You are the perfectionist to my eyes.
15.I always waiting for your tremendous Pictures.
16. You are my sweetheart.
17. Most elegant and perfect Picture.
18. Looking too much attractive today.
19. Breathtaking picture and most gorgeous ever.
20. Your smile filled my heart.
21. Your expression makes me crazy.
22. Nothing can’t be comparable with your cuteness.
23. I love your expressive eyes that tempt me.
24. Your beauty is eternal. Which will never fade.
25. The hottest human of the planet.
25. I am passing a long working day, and this is too boring. Now I feel so relaxed to see your wonderful pictures.
26. The hottest pal of the city.
27. My insta feed is blessed when you upload such types of outstanding photos.
28. The rhyme of my life is only you.
29. One day, you will be mine.
30. I can’t say how much I feel for you.
31. You always make me crazy.
32.I am crushed on you, when I see your innocent face.
33. Your style charms me. Now I am getting crazy for you.
34. Your competitor is only you and your are the greatest.
35. I you want, I will bring the moon light for you.
36. If you want, I will be your Romeo.
37. I am mad, just for you.
34. I think you are my soulmate.
35. To me, you are great.
36. You are the Princess of my world.
37. When I see you, I become passionate.
38. Your presence make me happy.
39. Charming smile.
40. This dress makes you more attractive.
41. Outstanding appearance dear.
42. This picture is lit and adorable.
43. You deserve lots of love and attention.
44. You are not only impressive but also lovable.
45. Gorgeous outfit, just woow.
46. You are beauty queen.
46.Nobody can beat your beauty.
47. Your are the most beautiful flower of heaven.
48. Your picture is always my preferable.
47. Energetic pose.

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