Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend (Funny for Girl & Male Friend)

Is your best friend birthday going to be celebrated today? Then this article is really helpful for you. Because in this article we are going to share some fresh happy birthday wishes for best friend.

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

1. A ally is somebody you share a really special and distinctive bond.

2. “Birthdays return around each year, however friends such as you solely return once in a very life. I’m thus glad you came into my life. Hope your birthday is superb as you’re my best friend!”

3. “I am grateful for your true friendship. Hope your birthday is amazing as you are my best friend!”

4. I know how much you like sweets. But remember, you are much more sweeter than any other sweets in the world. Happy Birthday to you my dearest friend. Have the sweetest day of the year.

5. With every new morning starts a new day. Start your special day with blessings of the sun, messages of the birds and adore of the flowers. Have the happiest day of the year.


7. Things my bestie loves: Make-up, make-up and make-up. I can read her like a magazine! Happy Birthday to the make-up queen.

8. Though we call you “a make-up queen”, we can’t deny that the best makeover for a party is unimaginable without your direction. Happy Birthday, girl.

9. The most wonderful memory of my life is to grow up with you. Thanks for making my life so colourful. Love you bestie and happy birthday.

10. I wanted to bake a cake made of sugar which is as sweet as your smile, essence that has the charisma of your grace and flour which will give binding just like our friendship. But still the cake didn’t come out as perfect as you. I don’t understand what’s wrong! Happy birthday BTW.

11. I didn’t bring you any gift because I know you are going the throw them after our fight. So I brought you… meeee! Ta-da! Happy birthday!

12. Blow the candle and cut the cake, we’ve been waiting to eat it for decade! HBD

13. I wish everyday of your life becomes as joyous as your birthday. Happy birthday.

Touching Birthday Message to a Best Friend

1. Here comes another special day to my very special friends. On this special day of your’s I wish you a very happy birthday. May God bless you with all wonderful things on this earth because you worth nothing less than that.

2. Today is your big day and I’m hoping that it’s one amongst your best nevertheless, my friend! I’m causation you all my love and best needs nowadays.

3. Many congratulations to you today, my dear! I am hoping that this birthday of yours is extra special, exceeding all of those before.

4. The gentle breeze of the morning, the humming of the birds, the scent of roses all combine to make a new outfit in nature. The morning breeze, the chirping of birds, the petals of roses have all come to wish you a happy birthday today. Happy birthday friend.

5. The one who can be trusted with his eyes closed is the real friend with whom he can share everything. You are not just my friend, you are more than a friend. Another place of hope after family is you, Happy Birthday My Dear Friend.

6. How everything looks different today, I can see a different love in everything. It wasn’t too late to understand the subject, everything meant today is my dear friend’s birthday. Happy birthday dude, live a thousand years.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend girl

1. Dear Friend, on your birthday, I am most grateful that you know all of my faults but you withhold your judgment.

2. Happy Birthday and congratulations on the extra wrinkle on your face! I’m so proud.

3. Congratulations on this one more year of survival through your math class. You got this. Happy birthday evil.

4. May today’s birthday come a hundred times in your life, may all good be with you after the evil is gone. May your life be filled with success, you are good now, love like this in the future too. Happy Birthday.

5. Listen a little better and see the waves of the river saying happy birthday to you. Try to feel the wind a little, the wind is whispering to you to live a thousand years. And look at me, my friend, I tell you to be immortal on earth forever. Happy birthday

Emotional Birthday Wish for Best Friend girl

1. Having you as a friend has given me a lifelong satisfaction, full of fun and excitement. Thank you for being my heartfelt friend. I will forever appreciate you. Happy birthday

2. I want you an exquisite special occasion in your life. you’re the most effective friend ever and that i hold you in high esteem.

3. I am proud of you, my dear best friend. I will forever appreciate you for what you are. Happy birthday.

4. It seems a long day far from you. It seems a long way far from you. But it seems a day of the most beautiful day of your life. That is why I want to say ‘Happy Birthday to you’.

5. I want to carry the smell of the blossom flower, I want to catch the first ray of the sun in the morning, and I want to capture the beautiful voice of the morning part. But do you know why? To decorate the day only for you. Because it’s a very special day. It is the day of your arrival in this world. ‘Happy birthday to you’.

6. Can you hear the sound of the air? Can you understand what it says? It says, ‘I am singing a song and saying happy birthday to you beautiful. My fresh fragment is for you today. It will take you to the world of dream.’

7. Happy Birthday Friends, take Love and Wishes. There are very few good and kind friends like you in this world. It is really a matter of luck to have a friend like you. Thousands of thanks to God I have found friends like you. Happy birthday

Naughty Birthday Wishes for Friend

1. Happy birthday, dear friend. A friend in need is a friend in deed; I’m in need of your car, to have it as mine, can you give it to me as a mark of being a friend indeed?

2. Happy birthday, my great friend. I wish you long life, and I’m sure you love that wish. But, let me warn; the day you start buying anti-aging cream, you may intercept the long-life wish, because aging is the only way to live a long life!

3. Happy birthday, my friend. Don’t worry about the increasing wrinkles, you should rather be grateful for your blessings.

4. Happy birthday to my lovely friend. The best facial makeover as you get older is smiles all the way.

5. Happy Birthday friend, my absolute best wishes and my brother without blood relationship. With the blessings of the Creator, I have found you as my friend, I just wish that our friendship will continue in the same way throughout life. Happy Birthday.

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