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Bangla Heart Touching Romantic SMS 2023 with Pictures

Sometimes we need heart touching sad SMS to make partner emotional so that he/she can feel our feelings. In this article we are going to publish some Bangla heart touching sad SMS 2023.

Bangla Heart Touching Sad SMS is already published in our website. From here you can collect hundreds of best Bangla Very heart touching sad SMS.

Best Bangla Heart Touching SMS

Many websites on the Internet have already published thousands of sad Bangla heart touching SMS. But we are very different from them. We are you going to published onley the best Bangla heart touching sad SMS and messages on our website.

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100+ Bangla Heart Touching SMS

Here is our 100+ Bangla heart touching SMS. Choose from the list below and copy it. You can easily copy by clicking on copy to clipboard button.


You are not very far from me.

I am always with you as your breath.

Bangla Translation: তুমি আমার থেকে বেশি দূরে নও। আমি তোমার নিঃশ্বাসের মতো তোমার সাথে মিশে আছি সব সময়।


I have heard that love is Devine. But now I can’t realise that it is not actually divine. I am not well by loving you.

Bangla Translation: আমি শুনেছিলাম ভালবাসা স্বর্গীয়। কিন্তু এখন আমি বুঝতে পারি এটা বাস্তবিকই স্বর্গীয় না। আমি তোমাকে ভালবেসে সুখে নেই।


I am always with you by loving. But you are not with me in my need. I miss you very much.

Bangla Translation: আমি সর্বদা ভালোবেসে তোমার সাথে ছিলাম। কিন্তু আমার প্রয়োজনে তুমি আমার পাশে নেই। আমি তোমার অনুপুস্থিতি টের পাই।

Heart Touching SMS Download

Do you know how to download heart touching SMS from the internet? If you don’t know then just read our step by step instructions in order to learn how to do it. We describe the inter process in easy words.

At first click the best SMS you like from the list.

Then right click on save image.

Now select the folder you want to save Bangla heart touching SMS on your computer.

Within a few seconds the file will be downloaded.

Heart Touching SMS for Girlfriend

Every boyfriend wants to touch the heart of her girlfriend by sending SMS on their mobile device. But for the lake of appropriate sentence choice they can’t do it.

There are some people who is very good at describing themselves. They can easily say what they think and feel. And our collection is made by those type of people who is very good at writing heart touching SMS.


Ame tomake chai sokal, dupur, rate;

Tomar jonnoi Amar prem jage!

Bangla Transcript:

আমি তোমাকে চাই সকাল দুপুর রাতে

তোমার জন্যই আমার প্রেম জাগে।


Jibon Amar dhonno Holo tomar choya peye,

Tomake keu bhalobashena Amar ceye!

Bangla Transcript:

জীবন আমার ধন্য হল তোমার ছোঁয়া পেয়ে,

তোমাকে কেউ ভালোবাসে না আমার চেয়ে।

Bangla Heart Touching SMS for Boyfriend

Bangla heart touching romantic SMS collection for boyfriend has been already published in our website. Anyone can get hundreds of heart touching SMS in 2023 for their boyfriend. This service is absolutely free. You need not pay any charge for downloading those SMS.


Tomake chai ami aro kase,

Jekhane Amar hridoy thake!

Bangla Transcript:

তোমাকে চাই আমি আরো কাছে,

যেখানে আমার হৃদয় থাকে।

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