Bangla Funny Facebook Comment Pictures Download 2023 (Best Comment Collection)

Comments are the funniest part in Facebook. And if the comments are in Bangla language then it is beyond imagination. People are loving Bangla funny Facebook comment.

Best Bangla funny Facebook comment and pictures in 2023 has been published on our website. You can easily download funny comment from our website. To learn how to download best Bangla funny Facebook comment and pictures in 2023 you need to read this article from top to bottom.

Funny Facebook Comments

Comments are usually in two categories; Text comment and photo comment. Among comments photo comment is the best. When we read funny Facebook comment in Bangla photo we think about the creator of that comment.

Because it is extra ordinary talented task of creating funny and witty comment. And generally normal people cannot make such metaphorical comment.

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Yesterday we encountered with such an excellent funny comment. The comment is about Binod, a trending topic in Facebook.

The comment says

“Nobody: Who is the Author of this post?

Me: Binod!”

Now we are going to share some best Bangla funny Facebook comment. Let’s enjoy together.

Funny Facebook Comment Pictures about Binod

We have collected some funny Facebook comment and pictures about Binod. Now we are going to publish them. Please note that those comments are downloaded from a celebrity of India Mir Afsar Ali.

বিনোদ কে নিয়ে সেরা কিছু ফেসবুক কমেন্টঃ


Download Bangla Funny Facebook Comment

We hope you enjoyed our collection. And if you wish to get those funny pictures, then you can download those. Now I am going to describe the entire process of downloading Best Bangla Funny Facebook Comment.

At first you have to select the image you like most.

Then right click on the image.

Some options will appear on the screen and you need to click on save image.

Then probably you may be asked to to select the folder you want to save the image. This happens in computer version. But for mobile device the picture will be automatically downloaded in downloads folder.

Now enjoy commenting those funny Facebook comments on the comment section of your friends post. You can also comment on group or pages with those fantastic funny comments.

Best Bangla Funny Facebook Comment Pictures

১। অবশেষে খুজে পেয়েছি বিনোদ কে।

২। বিনোদের বাগদত্তা মীরা আফসার!

৩। অবশেষে খুজে পাওয়া গেল বিনোদের দাদাকে। তার দাদার নাম “অপমানিত বিনোদ”!!

৪। বিনোদ বলতে এসেছিলাম, বলা হয়ে গেছে চলে যাচ্ছি।

৫। একবার “বিনোদ” কমেন্ট করে দেখ,

কত হিম্মত একবার দেখি!!!

৬। বিনোদ নেপালে আছে!

৭। স্বাস্থ্যসম্মত উপায়ে তৈরি বিনোদ বিড়ি! 🤣🤣🤣

৮। বিনোদ তুমি ফিরে এসো!!!

৯। বিনোদ আগে এই বাড়িতে থাকতো।

১০। সেরা! 😃😃😃

Top Bangla Funny Facebook Comment

We have already shared you best Bangla Facebook funny comments. Now we are going to share our idea about top Bangla Facebook Comments. For our English audience we are translating Bangla comment into English.

1. This is really awesome facebook post.

2. I am liking this post. You are really genius.

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5. Carry on your good writing. I hope you will be successful someday.

6. Awesome picture. You look marvelous.

7. Your dress up is cool. You looks pretty well.

8. Thank you for delivering such good content.

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10. I am very fond of your content. You are brilliant man.

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